Concurrent Sessions

Concurrent Sessions are presented in five themes or tracks. There are six concurrent session times or blocks.  Each block has one of the five tracks.  A description of each track is below. A description for each program by track can be found here. We are still working on the timing of some sessions.

Concurrent Sessions by Track     Concurrent Sessions by Time Block
Career Development

What skills should a good leader possess? What skills do O∆K members possess? Your knowledge, skills, and abilities will direct your career path, but your leadership talents will shape how you approach your profession. Learning how to leverage your leadership strengths now will make you a stronger professional. These sessions will focus on fostering leadership skills within yourself and others.

Personal Leadership

Leadership lessons are all around us from the athletic field to the classroom to the professional world. O∆K recognizes exemplary leadership in campus and community life, and all members have the responsibility of developing as leaders in those same areas. These sessions will highlight how do you can grow as a leader and help cultivate other leaders.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusivity

Our society is only as strong as the quality of the members we have. The diversity, inclusivity, and culture of openness that is central to our being is explored and celebrated in these sessions.

Leadership Perspectives

Every day we are surrounded by individuals who serve as guides to our individual leadership journeys. In the leadership perspectives track, you will learn from the life lessons of these dedicated O∆K leaders.

Circle Management

Leading sometimes requires “sweating the small stuff.” The circle management sessions provide insights and practical training on important circle functions such as recruitment, fundraising, marketing, and programming.